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It optimizes registry by removing fragmentation, deleting unused entries, etc.
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The registry is a very important part of any computer as it stores vital data about the system and every installed app. A registry in bad shape will also make the computer slower and more prone to all kinds of errors and problems. That’s why keeping the registry clean, optimized, and defragmented is very important. TuneUp Pro is a handy tool that deals exactly with this kind of tasks: it makes sure that your registry is in top shape.

TuneUp Pro helps you make your system faster, more responsive, and deal with fewer errors. It does that by defragmenting the registry, which ensures improved data access rates. It also does that by scanning the registry and finding and removing invalid junk entries. This also makes your system more stable.

TuneUp Pro is not only handy, but also easy to use. Its neat, straightforward, and intuitive interface allows even beginners to use this cool program without any problem. Furthermore, it lets you create complete registry backups before performing any actual changes, so you can easily return to a previous registry state if you ever need to do so. A handy scheduler that lets you automate the registry maintenance tasks to be performed at future times without your intervention is also available.

In conclusion, TuneUp Pro is a nice and handy registry optimization tool. Its only downside is that the free trial version limits considerably the number of registry entries that can be removed, but other than that, this tool has no other disadvantages and is clearly worth a shot.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy to use
  • Can also back up the registry
  • Includes a scheduler


  • Trial version is very limited in terms of registry entry removal quantity
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